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What future for SUEZ employee shareholding following Veolia's forthcoming takeover bid for SUEZ?

In the context of Veolia's forthcoming takeover bid for SUEZ, the procedures for exiting from the Sharing operations are currently being studied, with a country-by-country review.

How will the employee shareholders of the new SUEZ be constituted?

The Consortium made up of Meridiam, GIP and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations Group/CNP assurances, which is to buy the assets of the new SUEZ from Veolia at the same time as its takeover bid, has already agreed that 3% of the capital of the new SUEZ will be held by employees according to an operating method that has not yet been defined.
What future for ASAS?

As long as employee shareholding exists, the current Association of Employee Shareholders of SUEZ will disappear at the closing of the Veolia takeover bid with the delisting of the SUEZ share.